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“I am a graduate of Blue Sky Ranch; it was something special. It gave me a release that I did not have from the stress of school and home. As I was struggling with anxieties and depression, the ranch was a great escape. To be real honest, though, it was more than that for me. The mentorship was an education I could not get anywhere else. I never had a father to teach me the things that the men at the ranch did. But most importantly, those men showed me who Christ really is. Because of them, I have been introduced to a whole new world that just keeps getting better and more interesting. I really need to thank them for showing me Christ and thank God for leading me in their direction. It is comforting to know that I have BSR forever, and I can always go back to visit and hang out.”


“When Mr. White found out that I did not have a father, he invited me out to the ranch. I was pretty reserved at first, but I liked the horses, fishing, and swimming. Over time, I grew closer with the boys and broke out of my shell. I think what benefitted me most was Mr. White checking on me. He made sure I was doing okay and, if I wasn’t, he would help get me back on track. It was nice having someone do that for me, especially since I was going through a tumultuous time after the death of my father. Even though I’ve graduated, I know the men at the ranch will be there for me if I ever fall on hard times again.”


“There are multiple factors that contribute to the person I am today, like family, friends, and the environment. These things helped form me into who I am, but the Blue Sky Ranch Program was what helped shape me into the man I am today. My time with BSR strongly developed me into becoming a person that I can be proud of. This program also helped me with hardships I was facing at the time, and taught me how to use them to become a better person. They influenced me to be successful in life. Not only did they mentor us, but they took care of us as well. Even though I’m graduated now, and moved into adulthood, they check up on me and pray for me like a real family. I couldn’t ask for more from this program and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it.”


“The ranch is a way for me to get away from video games and learn some life skills. The ranch helped me find friends that I otherwise would have never made, especially with the mentors. The ranch got me to socialize and become a part of my community. This mentorship has taught me skills that I would have never learned on the internet like woodworking, welding, how to move hay and muck a horse stall. The skills I’m learning at Blue Sky Ranch are teaching me personal value and the value of hard work.”


“I enjoy coming to the ranch because I want to know what it feels like to have a father figure in my life. I also enjoy the ranch because of all the fun things we do: fishing, horses, wood working, welding, etc. I really like the mentors! Jim and Dave do all the wood stuff. I think they can make anything from wood! Mike is the cook and his goulash is just the best. Camber is in charge of the horses. I’ve learned to really listen to her; she is way smarter than me. Jordan is really fun to joke around with, and he teaches us about guns and safety. Steve is a professional welder, and is a really nice guy. One of the best opportunities for me is that I am able to have a father figure; that’s pretty much Mr. White, he’s definitely like a dad to us. All of the mentors are great; they all matter to us.”


“Blue Sky Ranch has helped me and other young men learn how to problem solve and has shown me the basic skills I use in life. The ranch promotes and encourages good behavior and shows us the correct path. The BSR mentors show us how to communicate with others and how to have a great time. Something I like about the ranch is fishing. It’s always a good time with the boys and mentors. Another thing is the talks we have at the end of every evening. I always learn from them and relate to the conversation.”


Straight from His Mother's Heart

“When my son started at BSR, he would talk back and wouldn’t listen. He didn’t care about his grades, wouldn’t clean his room, and had a really bad attitude. I get boys will be boys, but without this ranch, I don’t know where we would be. He has learned so much responsibility. He has learned to use his hands to make furniture. No way could I have taught him that. His attitude went away. Since then, I no longer get phone calls about his grades. This kid has done a complete 180 because of this ranch, Mr. White, and all of the mentors. I thank you guys everyday for the young man he is becoming.”

-Jennifer Deschner

“I just want to thank you for helping George to buy his first car and get his driver’s license. Thank you for mentoring him throughout his high school years. I so appreciate your mentoring program. You all helped shape George into the fine young man that he is today. I am beyond thankful to Blue Sky Ranch and the mentors for how they have invested in my son.”

-Pam Kilewer

“Blue Sky Ranch gave my son real role models outside of the family. He is my only son. The men showed him how to act around people with different backgrounds. Because of BSR, Chance was given the ability to learn new things like: taking care of horses, leadership with peers, and how to safely operate, maintain and repair equipment. He will be able to carry this with him into adulthood. BSR was a place my son could just be himself, and surround himself with men and boys who truly care about him. Through the years with BSR, Chance had his own cheer team and support no matter what was going on in his life. The ranch is always the place he feels safe to discuss anything without being judged. As a single mom, I am so grateful for what BSR means to us.

-Stacie Ford

Help Change More Lives

“When I first met Paul at a men’s meeting at our church in Roger, AR, I was impressed. Not just impressed with what they were doing, but by how I felt Paul was giving of himself and his heart for this ministry for God. We then met Tammy and it became very obvious that they both were all in for the BSR ministry. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be able to help young men that have no fathers in their lives. I personally have always enjoyed being able to help young men without fathers, to teach them; but as I got older it seemed that I wasn’t doing it anymore. I saw Blue Sky Ranch as a way to start helping young men again; helping them to learn about God as well as learn responsibilities that will guide them into a good Christian adulthood. The easiest way to start was to become a regular donor to the ranch. We have plans to do more financially, and would eventually like to be able to donate time to the ranch when needed.”

Randy and Carrie Welborn

Rogers, AR

8824 S. Hydraulic St.
Haysville, KS 67060