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The BSR Program
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Blue Sky Ranch is blessed to have supporters and mentors who have used their talents and resources to grow the program into what is is today; a multifaceted curriculum that trains in life skills, shop and outdoor skills, automotive skills, as well as building resilience and offering emotional healing through Equine Assisted Learning.

Above all, God has used us to tell the story of our Heavenly Father week after week. We have watched as young men have found their first glimpse of faith and their first understanding that they have a Father who loves them more than they can fathom.

Throughout the Year

Skills Training

Basic Life Skills

1st Quarter

Budget, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Basic Cooking, Basic Sewing, Basic Financial Management, Social Skills


Life Skills+

2nd Quarter

Driver’s Ed, Casey Life Skills (Personal Goals-Defining Strengths & Weaknesses), Learning to work with Power Tools and Ranch and Landscaping Equipment, Gardening

Outdoor Skills

3rd Quarter

Driver’s Ed, Construction Education, Outdoor Projects, Camping and Fishing Skills, Firearm Safety Training

Outdoor Skills+

4th Quarter

Driver’s Ed, Construction Education, Outdoor Projects, Camping and Fishing Skills, Equipment Maintenance, Basic Financial Education


Life Skills

Our boys learn life skills that will enable them to help at home now as well as thrive independently in the future. They gain experience in cooking, sewing, meal planning, and grocery shopping, The boys also receive instruction in budgeting and basic financial management.

Outdoor Skills

We have an entire outdoor team that trains the boys in firearm and hunter’s safety education. They also learn gardening, animal husbandry, and how to work with ranch and landscaping equipment. Camping and fishing opportunities are events that the boys enjoy. It’s a special joy to see the look on their face when they catch a fish for the first time!

Driver's Education

One of our boys’ most significant needs is getting their driver’s license. Over the years, we have taught several boys to drive and tutored them in the driving written exam. We hope to continue to add to this area and help our boys become independent and employable.

Metal Shop

Learning metalworking skills such as MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, and oxy fuel cutting can empower fatherless teenage boys by giving them valuable trade skills and boosting their self-esteem through the creation of metal projects. These skills can provide them with confidence, accomplishment, and a potential pathway to a fulfilling future career.

Wood Shop

The boys are trained to use a variety of hand and power tools in our wood shop. Through applying new woodworking skills, fatherless teenage boys can gain a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance as they create tangible objects with their own hands. This fosters a sense of purpose and pride in their abilities.

Automotive Maintenance

These young men can benefit from learning simple automotive maintenance such as changing the oil, brakes and tires as it provides them with valuable life skills that can save them money and prevent potential breakdowns on the road. Acquiring these skills also instills a sense of self-sufficiency, promotes confidence, and a greater understanding of vehicle mechanics.

Equine Assisted Learning

One of the Key benefits of our EAL program is the profound help it offers to fatherless young men. Through their interactions with our horses and the guidance of our trained instructor, the boys can develop a deep sense of trust, empathy, and connection, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth and healing. Through engaging with horses, these young men can learn to identify and break free from self-imposed limitations, overcome challenges, and cultivate the resilience necessary to navigate life’s obstacles with grace and determination.

In addition to the inherent benefits of equine interactions, this curriculum incorporates comprehensive life skills which empower young men to navigate interpersonal relationships, make informed decisions, and build a foundation for success in various aspects of life.

  • Goal & Vision Setting

  • Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Effective Time Management

  • Financial Literacy

  • Goal & Vision Setting

  • Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Effective Time Management

  • Financial Literacy


  • Job Application & Interview Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing a Life Plan

  • Teamwork & Self-Reflection


  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Networking & Building Connections

  • Resilience & Leadership

  • Career Exploration


  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Networking & Building Connections

  • Resilience & Leadership

  • Career Exploration

Boys Giving Back

Community Service

At BSR, we believe in giving back to the community! In our efforts to break negative and dysfunctional cycles in the lives of young men without fathers, we introduce and apply the concept of community service. There are so many benefits to looking outside of our own needs and serving others. As these young men journey toward becoming valued members of their community, we applaud their efforts to give selflessly for no other reason than the simple fact that they are able and willing.

Each year we look for projects in the community for the boys to help with. If you have a need or know of one that you would like us to consider, please let us know!


“Hoyt and I feel like God has blessed us greatly, and not just because He loves us. We know that our Father also wants us to share His blessings with others, so we are always praying about and open to opportunities that He sends our way. Blue Sky Ranch is one of those incredible opportunities! Tammy is my sister, so I can remember the very beginnings of Blue Sky Ranch that started out as a little girl’s dream to own a horse, which then actually led to her winning a horse in a raffle. So crazy! Who knew way back then, that God would use that dream to build a ranch that allows numerous people to share their blessings and life knowledge with boys who need to know about Jesus’s love and who crave mentors to help teach them how to navigate life. God knew of course, and my own faith has grown as I’ve seen how He has worked in Camber’s, Tammy’s and Paul’s lives over many years. While we live far from the ranch, we’re so grateful that we can still participate as monetary donors and committed prayer warriors. We love the work that God is doing through all his faithful servants and in the lives of his beloved children at Blue Sky Ranch!”

Hoyt & Sonya Whetstone

Tamuning, Guam

support our boys

Please consider partnering with us as we continue to build this program to equip our boys with essential life skills and technical training while offering hope and healing to the fatherless. We treasure your support, thank you!

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